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Welcome to Velo Payments (Velo)!

Velo makes the payouts process accurate, reliable and easy.

The two primary functions are:

  • Adding recipients to the system
  • Sending transfers to recipients

Velo enables three ways to perform each function:

  • Manually in the Velo Client Portal
  • Batch file import (CSV)
  • Server to server API

You may select whichever method is right for you, including mixing methods based on your procedures, payout frequency, and resource availability.

Manual Processing

Manual processing is straight-forward. Log in to the Velo Client Portal and select from the navigation menu to Add Recipients and Create Transfers.

Batch Processing

Batch processing is a popular option: + For adding recipients when switching to Velo and have a large number of existing recipients + When processing payouts on a consistent cycle such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

Velo’s batch file format is a simple CSV file with one row per payout or recipient. Files are imported in the Velo Client Portal and results are available immediately.

API Processing

Velo offers a complete API that supports nearly every possible interaction with the system. In fact, the Velo Client Portal is run entirely on the public API suite!

The complete API Reference is included in this documentation.

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